Everyone knows winters in Chicago can be particularly cold and brutal! With snow falling at rapid rates and snow cover packing up our sidewalks, roadways and storefronts, it can be a challenging time to keep the snow at bay and off our frequently used roads and driveways. With safety being a top priority for many of our clients, plowing snow cover and de-icing roadways and walkways ultimately means less slips, trips and falls. 

What began as a simple task of shoveling snow outside our residential customer’s driveways many years ago has grown into an annual winter operation many clients request; we now have many repeat snow plowings, de-icing and snow removal customers.

Each year from December through April, Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping contracts with residential and commercial customers alike to plow snow off sidewalks, de-ice/salt bothersome roadways, driveways, parking lots, you name it, we can shovel it or de-ice it.  

Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping is uniquely positioned to provide this service as it has established its very own warehouse where it stores over 50 trucks, Bobcats, snow melters, loaders with box plows and other specialized de-icing equipment for use during your time of need! 

De-icers and ice-melting products can be harmful to our ecosystem; whereas liquid deicers and blended solutions seem to have less of an impact on our environment. Committed to ensuring sustainability and reducing our impact to the environment, Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping uses a liquid deicer solution as a pretreatment for its commercial customers – this can save on the bagged salt and limit any plant replacements that are needed come Springtime!

Our current list of clients includes residential customers, doctors’ offices, suburban streets, business parking lots (strip malls) and industrial estates.

Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping offers tailored contracts with seasonal rates to meet your budget and needs for snow plowing, de-icing and snow removal.

Contact Us  for more information about salting and plowing the many sidewalks, streets and driveways in your area.