Are you looking for a complete overhaul or some innovative designs for your patio area and deck? Whatever the case, you have come to the right place!

Landscaping services at Bill’s includes the general maintenance of your entire lawn scape to ensure a healthy lawn at all times; this means we will provide the correct care and maintenance of your lawn (mowing, cutting) to planting seasonal flowers, to trimming trees and bushes. Our team of landscaping professionals can plant bulbs, herbs or vegetables, depending on the season and they will prune back unwanted foliage and in general tidy up your yard. Bill’s can help you with any of your irrigation needs as well as providing landscape architects that can design services to meet all of your landscaping needs. 

Our team of landscaping professionals are highly skilled, experienced, and trained in each of the service areas below. Since we started, Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping has been offering landscaping services to hundreds of residents and businesses in and around the Chicago area. 

Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping offers a wide range of services for your exterior landscape for both residential and commercial customers. Here are just a few of our landscape additions: 

Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping always has special offers that you can take advantage of as well as customizable maintenance plans depending on your needs, vision, and budget. Contact Us (link to Contact Us page) today for your free landscaping service estimate!


Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping offers a wide range of services that will help enhance your home or business’s exterior hardscape. All of your hardscape areas will allow your landscaped areas to shine. 

Our services in this area include re-designing and landscaping driveways, patios, entrance ways, ponds, and other aquatic features, to adding retaining walls or hedges that surround plant beds, trees and other items.  Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping is available for customizable designs as well. Take a look at some of our previous projects on our website and feel free to contact us with any questions. If you need a free personalized quote, Contact Us here. 


Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping offers drainage services and drainage tiles to help prevent exterior flooding ensuring a solid foundation for your home or business. Drainage tiles function very simply as they form part of a system that encourages water to drain away from the foundation of your home or business. Drainage pipes are set up in such a way that they lead to a sump pump driving water away from where you don’t need it. The whole system is pretty effective at keeping your home or business dry and free from significant water damage.  


Your choice of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers says a lot about you and your personality! All of which will be carefully maintained and taken care of by our team of professional horticulturalists. We offer advice on what to plant and when, pruning tips, as well as when to add fertilizers and mulch, and we are available to discuss irrigation and sprinkler needs, so that all your garden plants are properly watered and taken care of. For more examples of our planting services, view the Gallery below: 


Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping provides tree removal as a service. Removing a tree from your property or outside your business can be a daunting decision and task to make, and one that requires specialized equipment and skills.

At Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping, we have a professional Arborist on-hand who can consult specifically about your situation and determine whether full-blown tree removal is needed. Arborists are trained and educated in the science of tree care and will take care of your tree removal safely and effectively using the correct equipment.

Pruning, treating, or trimming a tree can be just as effective and have the desired effect you seek without the full-blown cost of tree removal. Correct tree maintenance can save you time and money as well as prevent tree branches from falling. Our Arborist can tell you whether these services would be needed in place of tree removal. 


Homeowners and businesses come to us with questions about when it’s best to fertilize their lawn and whether it is best to aerate right after fertilizing? Aerating a lawn allows water, oxygen (vital for all living things), and fertilizers to get deep into the lawn’s surface and down to the grass roots. We recommend fertilizing your lawn right after aeration has occurred. 

Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping will work with you to ensure that you aerate your lawn at the proper time and our team of professionals will fertilize it immediately after aeration (when holes are fresh and clear of any debris). Aerating your lawn generally leads to a healthier one as it improves drainage, minimizes weed growth and prevents your soil from compacting. We have both manual and powered aerator equipment available and recommend north-facing grass aerating in early fall and southern-facing grass aerating in last spring, early summer. 


Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping can shape, trim, remove branches and prune all your bushes and trees as you need. Since this is a specialized service, we have all of the equipment (including bucket trucks), available to trim any type of tree as well as large or medium sized bushes that you cannot personally attend to. Overgrown trees can always be a threat during a storm as rogue branches can break off at any given time. Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping prioritizes safety over everything and that’s why we recommend hiring a professional for any type of tree trimming or bush trimming project you have. 


Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping provides its customers with both fall and springtime cleanup services. Between the months of March through April, Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping works with you to spring clean your lawn and prepare your garden for the late springtime-summer. 

During the springtime, Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Lawn focuses on planting seasonal bulbs for your late spring/early summertime gardens, offers fertilizing and pruning services, we edge flowerbeds, mow lawns, and remove the winter debris, twigs and dead leaves. 

Between the months of September through November, Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping works with you to prepare your garden and lawn for the hard winters ahead. 

For fall, we specifically focus on raking leaves, composting them and adding mulch and grass, renovating your turf where needed. We can combine our fall cleanup with snow removal services as a discounted service. 


As our motto suggests, no one likes to see weeds in their lawn! Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping are experts when it comes to weed removal and weed control. This is one of our core strengths and is part of our general services. We have the equipment and trained professional staff available to offer weed control for any type of land surface and project. Bill’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping is licensed by the State of Illinois to carry out appropriate weed control services. EPA-approved chemicals are utilized under all proper handling and safety procedures.